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Please, estimate water supply quality in Armenia.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where to apply in case of complaints and proposals for water supply and sanitation services?

First of all you need to apply to 1-85 Call Center of  "Veolia Djur" CJSC, presenting the problem, informing the address and phone number of the apartment.


You may also apply to the nearby customer service offices of  "Veolia Djur" CJSC.


You may submit your written complaints and proposals via Feedback Section.


What is the procedure of informing the population about the termination of water supply in the service areas of “Armenian Water Supply and Sewerage” CJSC?

Water supply termination is caused by planned construction and accident prevention activities. In all cases "Veolia Djur" CJSC notifies about it to Mass Medias and relevant  authorities of public administration and local self-government. You may also be informed about water supply termination visiting the section of Press releases on Homepage of the Website, Announcements section of News  headlines, as well as apply to 1-85 Call center of "Veolia Djur" CJSC. Now the above-mentioned can be found in social websites as well.

What to do if the quality of running water from the tap seems doubtful?

It is necessary immediately to inform about it to 1-85 Call center of "Veolia Djur" CJSC, presenting the problem, informing the address and phone number of the apartment. The specialists of the Company’s Central laboratory will visit you in order to test water quality and its compliance with the sanitary norms and rules.

What to do if you buy an apartment or a house and you would like to rename as a customer of "Veolia Djur" CJSC?

First of all before buying a house it is preferable to require the seller to clarify financial issues with the Company and buy it without debts in order to avoid further problems. Afterwards, the owner of the house/ apartment (it could also be a co-owner or an authorized person with  a notarized power of attorney) should submit an application on renaming, at the same time attaching a copy of the passport and the certificate of ownership of  the house/ apartment.

Where to apply for checking the accuracy of water consumption if it seems doubtful? Where to apply if it is necessary to repair or change the water meter?

In these cases it is necessary to apply to the Company for the water meter seal removal, afterwards the water meter can be removed and one can address to the Company's Water Meter Testing Laboratory (Yerevan, Shirak 94, Aeration station area). All these costs are covered by a customer.

Who can we apply to in case of a complaint/recommendation on the services provided

Firstly, one should apply to the 1-85 Call Center of "Veolia Djur" CJSC, present the issue, inform the address and phone number of the apartment. One may also apply to the Customer Service Offices of "Veolia Djur" CJSC or submit the written complaints/recommendations via the section “Contact us” of the Company Website.

Where one may apply if there are discrepancies in the bills for the water consumed

One should apply to the relevant Customer Service Office of "Veolia Djur" CJSC or call the 1-85 Call Center, and a complaint in written may be submitted via the section.


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