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Please, estimate water supply quality in Armenia.


Structure of the Committee


The graphical image of the structure


Committee Chairman

Committee Chairman: Vahagn Gevorgyan (+37410) 54-09-09 vahagn.gevorgyan@gov.am

Deputy Chairman

Deputy Chairman: Karen Daghbashyan (+37410) 54-07-33 karen.daghbashyan@gov.am

Deputy Chairman

Deputy Chairman: Gor Meliksetyan (+37410) 54-02-64

Deputy Chairman

Deputy Chairman: Martiros Nalbandyan (+37410) 54-07-63 martiros.nalbandyan@gov.am

General Secretary

General Secretary: Artak Ghazaryan (+37410) 52 - 96 - 86

Deputy General Secretary

Deputy General Secretary: Ruzan Harutyunyan (+37410) 54-03-26 ruzan.harutyunyan@scws.am

Coordinator of Information Technologies (Person responsible for freedom of information)

Coordinator of Information Technologies: Varsenik Davtyan (+37410) 54 - 07 - 62 press@scws.am

Irrigation Collector-drainage Systems Department

Head of Department: S. Hayrapetyan (+37410) 54-01-35

Water Supply and Sanitation Systems Department

Head of Department: . (+37410) 54-06-33

Asset Managment and Investments Implementation Department

Head of Department: Anna Margaryan (+37410) 54-12-88 anna.margaryan@scws.am


Asset Management and Monitoring Section

Head of the division: Ruzanna Gabrielyan (+37410) 54-12-88 ruzanna.gabrielyan@scws.am

Planning and Investments Division

Head of the division: Artur Ohanyan (+37410) 54-12-88 artur.ohanyan@scws.am

Monitoring and Analysis Department

Head of Department: Vahagn Ohanjanyan (+37410) 54-06-03 vahagn.ohanjanyan@scws.am

Financial and Accounting Department

Head of Department: Artak Vardanyan (+37410) 52-96-86


Financial Division

Head of the division: Artur Simonyan (+37410) 54-72-84 artur.simonyan@scws.am

Accounting Division

Chief specialist: Knarik Aghvanyan (+37410) 54-72-81 knarik.aghvanyan@scws.am

Department of Purchases

Head of Department: Anna Sargsyan (+37410) 54-02-29 anna.sargsyan@scws.am


Acting head of secretariat: Heghine Darbinyan (+37410) 54-35-39


Economic Division

Acting head of the division: Vagarshak Hakobyan (+37410) 54-06-14 vagarshak.hakobyan@scws.am

Legal Division

Head of the division: Harutyun Khachatryan (+37410) 54-05-92 harutyun.khachatryan@scws.am

External Relations Division

Head of the division: Tigranuhi Baghdasaryan (+37410) 54-02-77 tigranuhi.baghdasaryan@scws.am

Internal Audit Division

Head of the division: . (+37410) 54-72-87

Mobilization Division

Head of the Division: Naira Arakelyan (+37410) 54-37-13 naira.arakelyan@scws.am


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